Wimbledon Community Showcase Saturday 13th June



Wimbledon Civic Forum and the YMCA warmly invite you to join the

Wimbledon Community Showcase

Saturday, 13th June, 10 am – 12 noon
at the YMCA, 200 The Broadway, SW19 1RY

The Community Showcase brings together groups and organisations at the
• Meet and learn about others operating in Wimbledon.
• Discuss possibilities and concerns we face in the future of our group/organisation.
• Identify future needs, that ultimately will make us more effective in our specialist areas.
• Play a part in helping design Future Wimbledon Town Centre.

We hope 20-25 organisations will attend, each having a table to display information about themselves.

Sponsored by Wimbledon Civic Forum and the YMCA
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 13th June 2015.

NOTES of The Wimbledon Community Showcase. 35 people attended, representing 18 groups, all who are the heart & soul of Wimbledon today. This was an experiment, and we trust you found it both useful and enjoyable. We owe a tremendous thanks to Penny Hunt of Change Chemistry for her expert moderating skills, and to the YMCA for sharing their premises.

Hundreds of things were mentioned on the day, and three areas seem to have emerged that seem to need attention:
Further develop the Idea of Wimbledon as a Cultural Destination, including a new Concert Hall
Involve young Wimbledonians, to talk about their feelings about their ‘hometown’, and how Wimbledon should be in the future
Wimbledon Village Business Association has asked for help to brainstorm ways to increase footfall between the Town Centre and the Village

Meanwhile, from our notes, we would like to offer the following brief summary of the Community Showcase:

Culture is at the Heart of Wimbledon. Wimbledon is a Cultural Destination
Wimbledon has great wealth of Culture and History, and there is momentum behind not just a ‘culture area’, but by defining our entire future Wimbledon, in part, by Cultural Excellence
Nationally and Internationally recognised
The proposal for a new Concert Hall of 1,500 seats on P3 site was well supported, and that should go ahead full-steam, linking in all other cultural groups
The Book fest, Music Festival, Arts Festival, Polka, New Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon Museum, Merton Abbey, writing, film-making, art college, excellent schools all make up this strong culture, and each asset is of great value
Raise the game. Better communication to say ‘we are a cultural capital in Greater London’
This includes excellence in tennis – AELTC has made great local, national and global achievement
All events include long tail of education/outreach/new connections (expand public areas further)
Time & Leisure already a community voice and can help with wider communication of this message
Clarion call: Excellence and Inclusiveness

The Community sees itself as Guardians of positive aspects of Wimbledon life. It is a Caring Community – this shines brilliantly and always has; newest and inspiring is STEM 4, developed around a kitchen table, to help others
All aspects of adult and children’s mental health issues need more awareness; need more communication of support networks that exist
Wim Congregational ‘church map’ demonstrates a strong faith link throughout Wimbledon that might be further energised, not least via a Church Crawl
WCA looking to provide support for future community meeting spaces; cataloging community spaces available for use today
Linking up of community ‘needs’ with community ‘wants’ (e.g.: green gym might be able to help maintain green spaces)
Such a stable community with a strong support network; people staying on in Wimbledon rather than moving on

Environment/Sustainability: Grave concern about air quality; poor decision by Merton to support Beddington incinerator, and discouraging recycling and reducing waste
Lack of green spaces and places to relax/refresh, mention of not wishing for tall buildings here. Loss of Met open land and erosion of gardens is a serious issue to be addressed in Wimbledon.
Want to encourage Wimbledon residents to live ever more sustainable lives; food banks/eliminating food waste
Cycle network to be dramatically improved, not just patch work solution; need highest quality proposal (look at other areas with cycling excellence)
Parking issues diabolical; consider park and ride to improve air quality
Look at how Wisley manages various user groups in green spaces (babies, kids, mums, older) . Cafes bring in business and enjoyment/relaxation

A strong family focus is one of Wimbledon’s joys; an attraction for people coming here
Children’s (Family) views needed, to ensure a Wimbledon young people will thrive in and enjoy
Polka, STEM 4 and YMCA noted need for more involvement of young people (under 18) in planning the future Wimbledon
Safe cycling for kids, e.g.: Cambridge kid’s rail cards. Team to set up similar event, e.g.: Young Wimbledon Forum?

Cllr Najib Latif called for help with urgent need to improve footfall for Village High Street; this has become a significant issue for future success. Team/brainstorming session being set up – contact Cllr Latif

Business growth to be sustainable; growth ‘for profit alone’ will damage Wimbledon
Growth in Wimbledon must complement core assets (as above)
Connectivity/transport hub/Crossrail 2: Want to use this opportunity to enhance Wimbledon, not degrade it. World Class ambitions needed
50% of Merton’s jobs are in Wimbledon; London rapidly expanding, we all want to be part of that with more jobs, better quality jobs
WTC needs to be more user-friendly; that will help make businesses more successful. It is about business AND users, not just about businesses
Greener and cleaner WTC
Incremental improvement, not dramatic or unsustainable changes
Wimbledon’s community groups to be partners in future planning
A high quality of development is essential for success here
Council stated objective is business/growth focussed; must be balanced by community needs first
Business rates forcing wrong kind of businesses into high street
Need better hotels; encourage Hotel du Vin/Maison du Vin; upgrade existing hotels
Changing demographics, but must be managed to advantage of Wimbledon, not sacrifice it
Love Wimbledon will share all entries from recent Competition, as input to future Wimbledon community planning
if you are interested in helping make the Concert Hall / Culture Hub a reality, or if you can help organise a Young Wimbledon meeting, or can attend a brainstorming on Village footfall, please contact one of us today.

Sincerely yours,
Leigh Terrafranca, on behalf of the organisers

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