Urban Design Task Force: Aims & Activities




  • to improve the quality of urban design.
  • to increase awareness of urban design

How does WCF UDTF operate?

  • represents forum views on civic issues of urban design policy, such as the LBMerton Development Framework
  • assesses urban design issues local national and global at task force meetings feeding in from the Civic Forum
  • enables regional forum workshops
  • will chair neutral meetings on major development
  • chair and MP meet quarterly with LBMerton to review progress.
  • has no opinion on individual planning applications, but will raise issues
  • does not correspond with individuals, but with local organisations.

Current issues:

  • Wimbledon Town centre
  • Merton Priory regeneration
  • Nelson Hospital regeneration
  • A Civic Hall in Wimbledon?
  • 3D mapping of town centres
  • expert advice by the people on local urban design issues
  • value assessment in land disposal
  • education and encouraging participation of young people in urban design.


  • workshops
  • local area forums
  • quarterly meetings with LBM
  • task force meetings
  • education
  • special projects

External site links:

Resource for Urban Design Information – www.rudi.net
Urban Design Alliance – www.udal.org.uk
Action for Market Towns – www.towns.org.uk