Crossrail 2



Wimbledon Civic Forum have responded to the Crossrail 2 public consultation as follows:

The proposed solution.

1. The amount of surface development.

1.1. The proposals involve demolition of large parts of Wimbledon Town Centre, at a point that is already congested where the A219 crosses the railway. There is already poor permeability from south east to north west because the town is bisected by the railway. The scale of surface operations would have severe and potentially disastrous effects on the business and retail uses within the town centre.

1.2. We do not see how the surface solution could be successfully implemented in practice because of these constraints.

1.3. Tunnelling under Wimbledon should be pursued as an alternative, with additional platforms below ground. We appreciate that this will still involve significant surface disruption.

2. Development above the existing station.

Development over the existing station, in the form of a building perhaps 6-8 storeys high, providing generous, uncluttered public pedestrian spaces, should be a core element of the scheme.

3. An integrated transport hub.

Wimbledon station and the public spaces around it should be developed to provide an integrated transport hub, where pedestrian, vehicle, cycle , tram, underground and railway smoothly interconnect. In developing proposals, it will be important to consider these non-railway modes

4. Improved permeability.

Development over the tracks, and pedestrian and vehicle bridges will assist in providing permeability and multiple new routes rom south east to north west.

5. Improved public realm, and integration with the Town Centre Master Plan.

LB Merton are embarking on a master planning project for the Town Centre in 2016. We urge close cooperation between Crossrail 2 and LBM in developing the plan, whose purpose includes reinforcing the local identity of Wimbledon and its unique sense of place as a major Town Centre within London.

6. Environmental impact.

We suggest a EU environmental impact assessment should be complied in full.
This will include best practice in consultation which requires options for consultation.

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