vinvolved Youth Action Team



I am looking for young dynamic people aged 16-25 who may be interested in joining the vinvolved Youth Action Team in Merton. The idea of this is for young people to get the chance to speak out to their peers in their community and attract more young people aged 16-25 into volunteering.

One of the ways vinvolved would like us to do this is by creating a newsletter for Merton aimed at young people aged 16-25 to get them interested and involved in volunteering. This is also the chance for you to attend meetings and events, speaking to various people and organisations within the Merton Borough. I am also looking to create any other ways to attract young people. You may want to... make posters, leaflets, have fundraising events, drama productions, or a talent show, make a DVD, or even give talks or presentations locally. No specific skills or qualifications are required but motivation, commitment and good team working skills will help. People with a creative flair and enthusiasm will be most appealing.

You decide, you plan it, you make it!
So, bring your ideas out into the community