Raynes Park - Rainbow Eco-Park Development



It is a pity that some people have taken against the proposed anaerobic digestion plant on the Rainbow Industrial Estate at Raynes Park without hearing the arguements. It is all very well calling for a public meeting, but if their posters say the object of the meeting is to 'Say No', then it does not sound as if they are open minded! It is perfectly reasonable to be concerned about the impact on the local area, but the existing Rainbow Estate is home to car breakers, a coach park, an asphalt maker and dealers in building materials, so there is currently plenty of traffic, noise and smell. Surely we be should at least ask if the new plant is going to be better or worse than the current use before we condemn it? Some publicity has suggested it is going to be a sort of dump, but this is also untrue - organic waste will not be stored but go immediately into a sealed processor. Even this unloading will be inside a building designed to prevent noise and smell. The developers are more than happy to explain the process, show illustrations of similar plants and answer questions. And finally, let us consider all the benefits - we are getting electricity from a power source that we currently waste. And local residents can benefit from the heat produced as the electricity is generated. And most important, this is the right way to go both in environmental terms and energy security. So the least we can do is keep an open mind.