How we work

The WCF works with others (e.g. resident associations) who have an issue of importance to them. It gets access to decision makers, and gets them in a constructive frame of mind.

Calm, productive dialogue – using the creative energies of the local residents. We try to sell this as a resource rather than a drag anchor for new initiatives. WCF takes the heat and antagonism out of the debate, recognises that we are dealing with the art of the possible, doesn’t demonise, and therefore allows issues to be dealt with in a grown up way. Neutral, always strives for maximum openness and accountability.

WCF standard operating procedures

  • We do not normally correspond with individuals – but with groups – residents associations or amenity associations.
  • Leave all party politics and point scoring out of it — leave your weapons at the door.

So what use is WCF to you?

  • If you have a local issue that you want to get wider publicity.
  • If you need to be put in touch with others, and people with specific areas of expertise.
  • If you want access to decision makers, or feel that access is being frustrated, contact us. We may be able to help.

How can we help

  • Our message board acts a a showcase for issues of concern
  • Forums and meetings can be arranged if your issue is of general local interest
  • We can mediate and arrange meetings with decision makers.

How can you help:

  • Affiliate to WCF and get a free web page and links from our web site.
  • Join as a member. The more members we have the more weight we carry.
  • Become a Friend – and support the WCF financially.
  • Volunteer and help the forum operate.
  • Distribute the Bulletin through your regular mail drops.