Examples of our work

Wimbledon Park Hall

As part of a rationalising/regrouping of their community buildings Merton Council decided that it wished to close this hall. Local residents having lost their library, were not pleased. WCF ‘s role was as mediator. We facilitated a meeting between the leader of the council and the officer responsible to meet the chair of the residents association and the leader of the scout group who were to be relocated. Together we looked at the building, went to see the alternative facilities being offered in Wimbledon Park, and encouraged the creative energies of local residents to be brought to bear on the issues. This was followed by a meeting in the Leader’s office, same people but with also the head of planning, at which it was agreed that the local residents association would write a brief for the site, to incorporate some retained community facility within a new development. We also discussed the development brief being prepared by the planning department, and the local residents had some input into this. Wimbledon Park Residents association have now produced their business plan, which is being examined by the council, and the expected outcome is that the building will be redeveloped, releasing some monies for the council, and retaining some useful facilities for the community.

South Wimbledon Residents – Battles Conservation Area

We were contacted by South Wimbledon residents group and asked to advise on the pros and cons of applying to become a Conservation Area. We spoke at an annual residents association meeting, and explained broadly what was involved, the merits and demerits, and discussed the likelihood of success. The community is now well advanced in information gathering about the history of the site, and have decided to do this as a community building exercise, irrespective of their chance of achieving Conservation Area status. A surprising spin off from this is that the residents association is now communicating far more proactively with with local planning officers and even developers about developments in the area. They recently agreed changes to the materials and details of a new development after planning consent was granted, in order to make the development fit in more with its environment.

Wimbledon Town Centre Traffic management

An issue that WCF and others have been commenting on and trying to influence for a long time. Last November we had a walkabout in central Wimbledon, which included the local cabinet member for Transport, to experience first hand the effects of the traffic management measures in Wimbledon. Several detailed proposals were agreed in principle, most importantly for us a commitment to reduce the amount of railings and pedestrian corralling that seems an increasing feature of local authority design.

Three examples, where the WCF has managed to generate constructive productive dialogue and unlock a situation for everyone’s benefit.

Other examples

  • Spot listing of Mansell Road Church Hall to protect it from inappropriate development.
  • Workshops and negotiations with developers at Merton priory leading to the formation of the the Merton Priory Trust, building a new Education Centre
  • Participation in the Nelson Hospital Reference Group.